Guidance on choice of business entity

Welcome to the world of entrepreneurialism. Whether you are a first time business owner or a seasoned, serial entrepreneur; choice of business entity is always a challenge. There is no one answer when it comes to choosing an entity type. A lot of factors other than your personal preference come into play in entity choice. We will help you navigate the process. We perform a structured and detailed assessment in terms of several critical criteria and make a recommendation on entity choice. We want the entity you choose to be the most tax efficient not only for you but also for your partners; and to be structurally fit to help you divest or cash out in the future. In simple words, our entity selection will based on a judicious consideration of your immediate needs and challenges; and your long-term vision and growth potential.

Entity formation

Our secretarial and company matters experts will help you with entity formation. We can form LLCs, LPs, C-corporations, and S-corporations. We will obtain Employer Identification Number for your business. We will also help you prepare operating agreements, and corporate bye-laws. Many times business owners form LLCs and want to elect S-corporation tax treatment. If that is your choice, we will timely file the appropriate forms with the IRS.

Business plans and feasibility studies

We are the experts in business plans and feasibility studies. Our skills in preparing business plan are second to none. For us, a business plan is not just any document. It is a document that presents your future picture based on predictable growth. We employ sophisticated financial models to depict your future while considering your past performance as a reasonable indication of the future. Management’s vision, quality of human resources, prevailing micro and macro-economic conditions, and several other objective criteria will be modeled in our business plans. We are very proud of our capabilities and many times our business plans are admired not just by our clients but also by the institutions and funding agencies purely because of their merit. Over the years, we have prepared hundreds of business plans, each one of them is customized and never from a template. That is what we call “Made to Order”. Accu Tax Filer offers you the luxury of a Made to Order business plan.

Strategy road map and financial planning

CFO Services

Small and mid-sized businesses often cannot afford the services of a full-time, experienced, and knowledgeable CFO. Truly speaking, finance is often a neglected functional area for most businesses in their early growth phase. As a business owner, you are the best in what you do otherwise you would not be treading the path of entrepreneurism. Your hard work, commitment and passion would certainly give your business the much needed kick-start. In the process of building your business, brand equity, and customer base, unfortunately financial planning has invariably taken a back seat. Book keeping, payroll processing, and yearend tax filing, must have been the most you have done thus far. Very soon you will realize that your business needs financial analysis; cash flow management; budgeting and forecasting; and financial reporting.

Not every finance and accounting professional can perform CFO role and experienced resources are often too expensive to hire. Just because you are small and cannot afford a high quality CFO, do not settle for less than desirable CFO. He is your most valuable asset. Accu Tax Filer can help you.

Our part-time, on-demand CFO services provide you access to high quality, experienced, and knowledgeable CFO resources at a fraction of the cost of a comparable full time CFO. As your business grows, we can scale-up our services and very soon you could be on your way to hiring a full time CFO. After-all our goal is to help you grow and we will make it happen.

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