Accounting and Book-keeping

Accounting and book-keeping is not your core business. Accounting functionality is comprised of numerous independent sub-functional areas. So, a full service accounting team needs to have multiple people with different skill sets. But, it is not necessary that the entire team can be engaged full time, because your transactions are low. At the same time, you cannot have just one person take care of all of your bookkeeping needs because he doesn’t have the diverse skill sets. Don’t carry the baggage of an accounting team on your payroll and don’t settle with an under-staffed accounting department. As your outsourcing partner, we will help you manage your accounting and book-keeping. We have a team of qualified and competent individuals trained and experienced in the following functional areas:

Accounts payable management

We take care of all your vendor bills and payments. There would never be a missed payment

Accounts receivable management

Our team will invoice your customers and ensure the invoices are paid on time per terms agreed upon with the customer. Accounts receivable management is an important tool in cash flow management. Remember, the faster and the more efficient the collection process, the healthier is your cash flow.

Financial statements

We will timely prepare financial statements such as balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statements and report to you in an easy to understand format. We will develop significant home-grown data for further analysis to assist you with financial projections and performance forecast. Also, we will identify performance metrics specific to your business and help you measure and monitor your business performance so you are always on the growth path.

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